March 30, 2023

Welcome to 2021! 

What an amazing summer break we received in the North Island, beautiful weather and great fishing. We are now back in full swing into work again after our break and the housing market is yet to cool off with bookings as far forward as late March as pending house settlements are in the planning phase. 

Farm move season in late May/early June is looking pretty booked with those key dates taken over 9 months in advance, we do still have some late May and early June spots available but they won’t be around for long so get in quick if you’re moving farms this year.

We have had a spruce up on our truck whilst we were closed with a repaint of the front of the cab to stop any stone chips getting the best of us and we have ordered a new box body which is due mid-late February. If we keep the truck in top condition there is less chance of something going wrong and us having to pull it off the road for unplanned maintenance, we are very excited about the new body as the current one is starting to look a little worn out. 

That’s all the news from us so far, we look forward to working with some new customers this year as well as our trusted returning customers.

​Happy 2021, let’s do this

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