Helping business move forward

Office and business relocation

Whitehall Movers has a comprehensive office and business relocation service to help with the move into your new business premises, creating the least amount of disruption to your business, employees and customers. If during a normal business day is not ideal we can come in and relocate your business on a Saturday to minimise disruption. We can offer packers to take care of the whole process for you, a truck and two men for the relocation, helping with the full move or just the large items only.

Full pack service

We pride ourselves on making the move as easy for our customers as possible. Our full business relocation service offers a packing and dismantling service, relocation of your offices, unpacking and putting the desks and cabinets back together and removing all the rubbish.

Office relocation

This option is great for the smaller business who may not need a lot done. Our staff can tailor the package to suit your needs whether that be dismantle desks, dividing walls, cabinets etc, relocate your office belongings and reassemble the furniture again.

Need a hand?

We often get requests for help with the larger items of furniture that may not fit on the trailer or may be a bit heavy to move. If you are after just a few items to be relocated give us a call to discuss what you need help with.


Choosing a company to move your most personal items is a big choice; here’s how we can make it simple and stress-free for you



We know you love your stuff, so we are focused on moving your belongings with the utmost care.



We won’t dilly dally, so you can begin to enjoy your new home as soon as possible without worry.



We’ll complete your relocation, in confidence and handle any issues that may arise. 


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