No question is silly, we have most likely heard it a dozen times! We want our customers to be well informed so if the answer to your question isn’t listed below, please give us a call or drop us an email.

Give us a call on 0800 2 MOVE YOU to discuss your moving options and prices. If you prefer to go through email, use our contact page to send a list of the items you’d like shifted, where they are coming from, where they are going to and the date you’d like this done and we’ll get back in touch with our hourly rate if local or a set price if it’s a distance move. Please remember to include a way of contacting you back to clarify any information needed to quote as accurate as possible.

At Whitehall movers, we understand that sometimes things need to be organised in a short timeframe or at a very specific time. We have had experience at shifting furniture at any time of day (or night) and are able to work with minimum notice during quiet times. We are based in Cambridge and can be with you within 1-2 hours when going to most cities in the middle of the North Island (Hamilton, Auckland, Rotorua, Taupo, Tauranga etc). Give us a call to discuss your timeframes and we’ll do our best to work in with you to get things moving when they need to be. 

Whilst we aim to be careful and considerate drivers, accidents can happen. We can organise an in-transit insurance policy for you, this is a simple form to fill out and you’d be covered instantly. Give us a call to discuss this in more detail on 0800 2 MOVE YOU

We are a supplier of all packing supplies. This includes packing tape, bubble wrap, boxes and tissue paper. 

Yes, and if we believe it is more cost effective to use another company (if we aren’t going to be in that area that week) we will steer you in the right direction.

As a family run company, we really do understand the stress and exhaustion moving house can cause. Our team can take care of the whole process, from packing, a final clean of your property and unpacking your belongings at the other end while you spend the day doing the things you need to be doing. Our policies on handling clients property and ensuring every last item is delivered to you in the condition it left your house in is our top priority. Our staff members have had all the right checks to ensure this policy is met and understood at all times.

Relocating an entire office can seem daunting. We are the right team to make this a successful relocation and can make the transition into a new office go smoothly. Give us a call on 0800 2 MOVE YOU and we’ll advise on the best way to pack up the office, or give you a competitive quote on having us pack and shift, to ease any stress on where to start.

No, your clothes are fine to stay in your drawers.
Please remove any perfumes.
Please remove any books also.

If the drawer sets are very heavy, we may remove individual drawers whilst being moved to the truck. Any personal items that you do not want our Movers whilst moving drawers to see needs to be packed separately.

We operate quite well with two men, there are not many instances at all where we felt three men would have been best. Our guys have the gear and lifting techniques to see them through a typical house move. We do offer three men on very large moves or on request, please let us know in advance as we need to book our on-call employee in advance.

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Choosing a company to move your most personal items is a big choice; here’s how we can make it simple and stress-free for you



We know you love your stuff, so we are focused on moving your belongings with the utmost care.



We won’t dilly dally, so you can begin to enjoy your new home as soon as possible without worry.



We’ll complete your relocation, in confidence and handle any issues that may arise. 


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