Terms of Trade

Terms of Trade

This agreement explains your rights and responsibilities when using Whitehall Movers. If you need clarification on anything written here, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 266 839.

1. Our quotation may be based on removal, packing, insurance, storage, and re-delivery, each will be detailed separately on your quote. We may change the quote if: a) You do not accept within 30 days. b) Extra goods are removed or stored which were not viewed, listed or advised of. c) We have to collect or deliver above ground floor, which was not advised of. d) We supply extra services at your request. e) Delays outside our control – e.g the road or access is unsuitable for our vehicles. f) You live on a shared driveway that we will need to block while loading the truck and you have not notified your neighbours whom require us to move the truck to let them past multiple times. g) Wait time on key handover.

2. Work not included in the quotation unless specifically added: a) Dismantle or assemble furniture. b) Taking down curtains. c) Disconnect or reconnect appliances. d) Hoisting of furniture/goods. e) trimming trees to gain access to the property.

3. Your responsibility during removals: a) Ensure that nothing is loaded in error or left behind. b) Take responsibility for security of your goods at departure and destination points by being present or appoint someone to represent you. c) Stabilise appliances. d) unless you have requested packing, all small items must be packed into boxes for ease of stacking into the truck prior to our arrival. Small items that unpacked may be refused.

4. Ownership of goods: By entering this agreement you warrant that: a) The goods to be moved are your own property. b) You will indemnify us in respect of any damages and/or costs against us if this warranty is not true.

5. Cancellation: If you cancel your removal within three days of your booking, you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee.

6. Paying for the removal a) If you have been quoted a fixed price this may be paid by bank transfer prior to your booking date or by eftpos, credit card or cash on pick up of your relocation. If being paid for by an employer or company, an approved Order Number is required. You are accountable for all unpaid fees if the company does not pay within 5 working days. b) If you are being charged on an hourly rate, payment by cash, eftpos or visa (3% fee added for visa payments) can be made at the completion of the relocation. Please note: We operate a depot to depot service so an estimate of travel back to the depot will be added to the final account. c) You may not withhold any payment because of any claim made against us.

7. If transit insurance has not been requested, we shall not be held liable for loss or damage to: a) Loss or damage while goods are in storage. b) Wear, tear, leakage or climatic changes. c) Any goods not packed by us. d) Items left inside cupboards and other furniture. e) Plants. f) Fixtures, fittings, doors or property as a result of difficult access. g) Refrigerated or frozen goods. h) accidental damage to furniture whilst in our care.

8. Delay in transit: If through no fault of ours we are unable to deliver your goods, you will incur additional charges for storage and re-delivery.

9. Our right to hold goods: We have a legal right to withhold some or all the goods until you have paid all charges under this agreement. You will be liable to pay storage charges and costs incurred while we are withholding your goods.

10. Our right to sell the goods: On giving you 30 days notice we are entitled to require you to move your goods from us and to pay all monies due to us. If failure to pay debts due to us, we are entitled to sell or dispose of some of or all the goods without further notice. If we cannot get hold of you either by phone or by mail, we have the right to dispose or sell your goods. The net proceeds will be credited to your account or to compensate towards your account.

11. Claims against us by third parties: You will have to pay any charges, expenses, damages or penalties claimed against us in respect of the goods, unless you could prove that we were negligent. These include parking fines that we may have to pay to do the work.

12. Our right to sub-contract the work: We may sub-contract part of or the total load to another organisation. If there was a need to do this you will be given notice and given a chance to use another moving company of your choice. Examples of reasons may include staff injuring themselves or previous jobs taking longer than expected. This contract will still apply to “you & us”.

13. Insurance: You are strongly advised to insure your goods during transit and storage. We can arrange cover with our Insurance Company for Limited Liability transit insurance, on your behalf for a premium of $300+gst. This will cover your belongings upto a maximum claim total of $250,000, with upto $1800 per item of furniture or box of belongings. The insurance cover is not valid until the premium is paid in advance. We shall not be held liable for loss or damage to: a) Loss or damage while goods are in storage. b) Wear, tear, leakage or climatic changes. c) Any goods not packed by us. d) Items left inside cupboards and other furniture. e) Plants. f) Fixtures, fittings, doors or property as a result of difficult access. g) Refrigerated or frozen food. The time limit for claims (if you have requested Limited Liability insurance): You are to notify us in writing WITHIN 72 HOURS OF DELIVERY OF GOODS. Time limits are essential to this agreement.

14. Public Liability Whitehall Movers holds a Public Liability Insurance Policy which has a limit of any one occurrence covers up to $2,000,000. This policy protects against claims of personal injury or property damage that a third party suffers (or claims to have suffered) as a result of your business activities.

Health & Safety

We are passionate about what we do, but we are also stringent about doing so without injury to you, your family and our team. Below is our quick-list of risks, that if managed or eliminated, we’ll get you moved in faster and safely.

We do not transport some items
We would love to get your furniture from A to B without damage, therefore we need to disallow some items. This includes (but not limited to) LPG gas bottles, no other flammables (petrol/diesel, turps, meths etc) and no paint. There may be items not listed that we may refuse to transport. If such an item arises, you will be notified and given the option to carry it in your own personal vehicle. We would also appreciate it if pot plants were put into a box or secured in a way from keeping the dirt spilling out. This will help keep your furniture nice and clean.

Manual lifting
Our team has been trained in manual handling and have built up the strength and technique to do so safely. Leave the heavy lifting for our team to minimise strain or a back injury. If you really can’t wait, click here for more info on lifting techniques.

Tripping hazards
Be on the look-out for loose carpets, rugs, cables, floorboards, toys or stacks of belongings next to boxes. Also, keep walkways and entranceways clear of packed boxes, instead put them in bedroom or corner of the lounge.

Children and pets
While we are a family friendly moving company, we don’t want them getting hurt. We recommend making alternative arrangements for young children and pets on your move day. If this isn’t possible then a perhaps setting up a quiet activity for the children away from the heavy furniture and stacks of boxes so we don’t trip over them while walking backwards with heavy furniture. Animals will be safer in cages, empty rooms or tied up.

We are sorry if you have carpet in your entanceway or throughout your house, but unfortunatley shoes must be worn by our team at all times. Please lay old towels, plastic sheets or tarps down to minimise dirt and stones travelling inside, especially during Winter. This can be minimised further by cleaning paths and driveways prior to your move day. We advise our customers to wear shoes during the relocation also.

We use power tools, box cutters and tape guns (serrated edge) during your relocation. At times of high use and with your tables being stacked in the truck, they may be placed on the floor. Please be cautious of tools on the floor while walking through both properties.

Customer assisted moves
Sometimes our customers like to help out on the job. This is most definitely allowed but please DO NOT step up onto the tail lift or the truck as this area is for our staff only. You’re welcome to take items off the tail lift that have been moved there for you to easily grab.

We appreciate your help on getting you and your family moved safely!

I/We accept the Terms of Trade Policy & Health and Safety Policy as detailed above.

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