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There are so many things to think about when moving house, click here for help with a final clean in the Waipa area.


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Moving tips

If your packing your house yourself, try to be completely packed, minus your necessity items, the day before your scheduled move. That will help eliminate some moving day, last minute packing stress. Below are some more helpful moving tips to help make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Take the mirrors off the dressing tables and clear your dresser top so that no items are loose. An easy option is to place the typical items that sit on your dresser into one of the drawers. If there is a potential any products may leak, place into a snaplock bag or tape the lid on with a seal around the bottom of the lid and pack standing upright with your other bedroom items. Your clothes can stay in their drawers, but remove any heavy items including books and pack into a separate box.

Dismantle your beds, put all the bolts into a small container in your bedside drawer or similar so they don’t get misplaced. Take the headboards and legs off, slats can be taped or tied together. If your bed legs are loose, put them in a clothing drawer or tape to the bottom of your mattress or bed base. Linen can be put into heavy-duty rubbish bags, suitcases, plastic tubs or something similar to avoid them getting dusty during transit.

Clearly label your boxes, tubs and wrapped items with which room they are to be unpacked in. Then, use a post-it note to label the rooms of the new house. When you unpack, everything will be in the right room. If you need to unpack certain boxes first, highlight ‘unpack first’ and they will be left on top of the pile or set aside so they are easier to locate among all the other boxes.

Please empty all items out of your fridge, a chilly bin with ice packs is a great option to keep these items cool while you shift. Your freezer items may remain in the freezer box, this will help keep your frozen items frozen during transit. This applies to chest freezers also. If items need to be unloaded for ease of moving, the movers will reload the freezer in the truck to keep your goods frozen.
There is a bit of an art to packing a truck full of boxes, think a massive game of tetris! Here are some tips that will help speed up the loading of the truck… Use strong boxes, but not overly large boxes (fridge boxes seem handy but are difficult to move without a single solid item inside). It is easier for the same size and shaped boxes to be stacked into the moving truck. If you need to use a few different sizes we recommend choosing one sized large box and one sized smaller box for easy loading. Ensure you tape the bottom securely and do not overfill and make the box bulgy as another box will not sit on top. Try and keep all of the packed boxes in one room so the floor areas are clear to move your larger furniture. Keep hallways and doorways clear.  

If you need help with packing we offer a complete packing service or if you’re the do-it-yourself kind we can also organise your packing supplies for you – boxes, tape and tape dispensers, bubble wrap and tissue. Still need some some more help? Read our frequently asked questions here.


Choosing a company to move your most personal items is a big choice; here’s how we can make it simple and stress-free for you



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