Donating goods to charity

You can help those in need

Before your moving day, prepare a special pile of clean, good quality furniture, clothing and household items, then give us a call when you’re ready and we’ll collect those items and donate them one or a mixture of the local charity stores listed below*.

Donating furniture

Donated furniture to the Salvation Army Furniture Store helps those in need which also supports the Salvation Army's work in the local community.

Donating clothing

Donated clothing goes to the Red Cross Store in Cambridge, where every dollar made goes to support vulnerable people in the community.

Donated furniture and clothing

Donating any sellable items (toys, blankets, clothes, furniture) to New Lives Rescue helps provide vulnerable animals with a new start at life.

* Items must be in the local area, if outside of our local area, the items must be able to fit onto the truck with your household items so they can be brought back to the above store. There will be no discount for the space taken on the truck or for the time taken to deliver the donated goods to the store. Items must be clean and in good resellable condition. We have every right to refuse items that we believe are not appropriate to be donated to the above stores. These reasons may include but are not limited to: Not in good enough condition, not clean and stain free, item is too big to fit in the store, item has no resale value etc. If the items are refused, it is your responsibility to rehome or dispose of these items thoughtfully.

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