April 18, 2023

Covid-19 alert levels and what that means for your booking

There is alot of stress and uncertainty as we watch updates come in in regards to the spread of Covid-19 in New Zealand. We have sat down as a team to discuss what the impact of each level might look like and how we can be as informative as we can in terms of moving through these alerts and managing your bookings. We do encourage phone calls or emails to clarify any of the information below if required and we will be in contact with all customers once we are aware of any alert level changes.

Level 2
New Zealand is currently at an alert level 2 which means we need to reduce contact within our community and have safety and hygiene in mind with every move we do. We have a maximum booking capacity of two bookings per day, which keeps our exposure minimal but it is still a risk for both our customers and ourselves. Our depot is at our private home address in the country so there is no flow of customers through our door.
Here is what we are doing to minimise the risk:

  1. From Monday we are checking the temperatures and wellness of the team before they leave the depot each morning. If they have a raised temperature or they are not feeling 100% we will either call another trusted local company to see if they are available to complete the job, get in a fresh set of movers from temp agencies or reschedule the booking. If this happens, we will communicate with our customers as we move through each step.
  2. The move team will arrive clean, well and hands sanitized, ready to get underway.
  3. We need your transparency and honesty in return, if you have returned from overseas or are not feeling great we need to be notified. We will make a plan to monitor how you’re feeling and re-book accordingly.

Level 3
A level 3 alert indicates that there is a heightened risk that the disease is not contained. If and when we reach a level 3 we will:

  1. Move to minimal customer face to face contact. The customer’s possessions need to be fully packed and ready to go, all surfaces will need to be disinfected and the windows should be opened to allow the house to air out two hours prior to the truck’s estimated time of arrival. There will be no need for customers to be at the pick up or delivery addresses and this can be managed from tagging in and out of properties from a vehicle in a driveway or arranging for a key to be left somewhere safe or dropped in to a dropbox at our depot.
  2. All payments will be made online to further reduce close contact.
  3. If you have returned from overseas or are not feeling great we need to be notified. We will make a plan to monitor how you’re feeling and re-book accordingly.

Level 4
Level 4 indicates that there are widespread outbreaks. At this point we will cease all non-essential bookings and contact all clients to discuss how we proceed once the level 4 alert is no longer in effect. 

By working together we can reduce the spread, keep everyone safe and still operate with the above restrictions in place. We’d like to extend a massive thank you to all of our customers for still making bookings with us and checking in to see how we’re feeling and giving us updates on your health also. We welcome any phone calls to ease any anxiety, check in to see if we are all well or advise us of any changes to the health of yourself or someone you have been in close proximity to or to go over any of the above procedures.

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