Whatever you need: Relocation, packing, supplies, a truck and two guys.
We provide it all to take the stress out of your moving day.

Looking for a moving company in Ngāruawāhia?

For punctual, discreet service and a professional team of trained furniture movers in Ngāruawāhia – look no further than Whitehall Movers – your locally owned Waikato Moving Company. We take pride in using a qualified moving team and a sizeable moving truck in Ngāruawāhia for every single service, keeping our quality expectations high so that you never have to worry about a thing while we move your Ngāruawāhia home or office from A to B. We offer relocations, packing and supplies for all your home residential or Ngāruawāhia business relocation needs. 
Whether it’s a local moving relocation that you need or a long-distance move in or out of the Waikato from somewhere else on the North Island, contact us today and find out how we can help.


When you’re moving house in Ngāruawāhia or undertaking an office relocation, choosing the right people to move your personal or office belongings can be tricky. Here’s how our Ngāruawāhia movers make it super easy and hassle-free for you:



We know you love your stuff, so we are focused on moving your belongings with the utmost care.




We won’t dilly dally, so you can begin to enjoy your new home as soon as possible without worry.




We’ll complete your relocation, in confidence and handle any issues that may arise. 




We are a family-run business and take our customer relationships very seriously. You will always have an easy point of contact for all of your questions and know what’s happening every step of the move. We welcome you to call us at any time about your Ngāruawāhia furniture relocation!



Our Ngāruawāhia moving truck selection includes one of the largest moving trucks in the Waikato at a whopping 55m2, fitting a standard four-bedroom household. That makes our Ngāruawāhia furniture removals services one of the most efficient around since we can fit more furniture in our moving truck in a single trip.



With industry experience spanning thirteen years, we can give sound advice on house settlements, cleaners, packing guidance, storage facilities and more so that your entire move is wrapped up nicely.



Even your most precious heirlooms are safe with our trained Ngāruawāhia movers and packing team taking care of them. We know how to care for antiques properly and have all the equipment required. You point out your antiques, and we’ll do the rest.



We are incredibly discreet when handling your personal belongings in your properties for your peace of mind and privacy. Our team are approachable, friendly and very professional at all times.



From full house packs and relocations to simple furniture removals, our Ngāruawāhia furniture movers provide exceptional moving services for your home or office every single time you use us.

We are reliable Ngāruawāhia movers

For a reliable, honest and hardworking Ngāruawāhia movers team responsible for your moving services from, to or around the Ngāruawāhia area, you’ll be relaxing in your brand new rooms before you know it.


Chris & Megan Vuglar are your friendly, professional and approachable Move Managers. They are passionate about the work they do, which means they are excited about your next step in life and making that happen for you with the least amount of stress. To chat about your upcoming move, you can get in touch on 0800 266 839.


Your Ngāruawāhia furniture removals are in good hands with our expert moving company on the job. We operate discreetly, and with the utmost respect for the property you are leaving, the property you are entering and all of the belongings you have designated to our care. We are cautious about navigating large pieces of furniture safely in and around your properties. Your privacy and satisfaction are our priority, and we aim to be one of those memorable (for all the right reasons) moving companies you’ll want to use again and again.


Your go-to moving company in Ngāruawāhia & Beyond

Our Ngāruawāhia moving company is well equipped to move your commercial office safely and efficiently from one location to another so that you can get back to business as soon as possible. Your business relocation in Ngāruawāhia will be fast, reliable and comprehensive, allowing for moving times that suit you to cause minimal disruption to your operations. We make sure to handle all equipment with care, so you have full confidence your business assets are taken care of during transit.


As a part of our Ngāruawāhia packing services, we can supply packing boxes so that everything gets packed away in appropriate packaging for safe travel. It can be really stressful at the end of pack up to realise items that do need proper packaging have been missed, and then stuffed into cars and potentially damaged – so we want to mitigate this from happening.

We can even arrange to drop packing boxes off to your local address before the move, as part of our local services, so that you can pack up your items yourself in your own time. Otherwise, as part of our complete packing services, we can bring them with us on the day and pack up for you before we hit the road. We offer free local delivery of these packing supplies. If you want more information about how and where we supply packing boxes to for our Ngāruawāhia moves, get in touch with us, and we can discuss your requirements for a seamless transition from one property to another.


We can supply packing boxes in two versatile sizes to suit most kinds of household items. The larger box is able to fit your general items such as linen or appliances, while the smaller features that little bit of extra protection with a double wall – perfect for your more fragile items, like glassware.

The double wall of the smaller packing box also offers extra strength for your heavier possessions such as books, iron cookware, and ornaments to travel safely and not pop through the bottom of the box. When packing these boxes, it’s important not to overfill them, as while they are strong, they aren’t invincible, so dishing out the weight of your items evenly across a few stronger boxes is the best way to pack them up safely. Consider pairing heavier items with relevant lighter items so you can evenly distribute weight without overstuffing one box with the heaviest items without letting dead space go to waste. Pairing items from the same rooms together also makes unpacking a lot easier and less random. 

Before your move, if you have the time, it’s a good idea to write up an item list of the heaviest and most fragile items that need special consideration or careful packing, so you can prioritise how they are going to travel in the supplied boxes before allocating places for the easier to pack items. This is also a smart way to stay organised for the unpacking process if you want to do that by yourself. Knowing roughly what items travelled together makes finding them a lot easier on the other end when you want to stagger your unpacking efforts over a few days without misplacing the items you need for immediate use, such as linen, pots, pans and cutlery. 

Remember, if you don’t fancy packing up your house yourself – you don’t have to! We can do it for you. If you need your entire house packed up or just a few rooms packed, get in touch before the move and let us know what you need so that we can plan for the right packing supplies and staff for the day.


Make your moving day easy with the use of our roomy truck and 2 men doing all of the heavy lifting and relocating for you. Don’t risk a strain or unnecessary stress by moving items yourself; rest assured that our team can handle pretty much anything and relocate items from anywhere in the house. If you have a particular item that weighs a lot, or if your home has awkward corners that we’ll need to navigate, let our team know during the quoting process before booking so that we can assess and quote for extra hands on deck for the relocation.

Our aim is to make your move go smoothly by being as prepared as possible for your Ngāruawāhia move’s particular requirements. Most standard moves only require just one truck and 2 men, but we can discuss your requirements and supply everything, including packing supplies and packing boxes, as stated above, for your peace of mind.


If you hoisted furniture onto your higher floors, or built large furniture inside the rooms that may need to be taken apart to be navigated out again, please let our team know when you first contact us for an appropriate assessment and quote.


Yes, here at Whitehall Movers, we supply locally made packing boxes in Ngāruawāhia that are on-site and ready to go. Our Ngāruawāhia moving company deliver these packing supplies in Ngāruawāhia free of charge to local properties that are scheduled to move with us. Not many moving companies offer a local supplies service, and we are so happy to say that we can!

Our team consists of a truck and 2 men in Ngāruawāhia to get your relocation from A to B. In some cases, we may provide more men as required. Our truck and 2 men ratio is commonly required, as they can navigate even larger items through tricky spots – but any concerns you may have with tight corners and particularly heavy items need to be discussed with us beforehand so we can make the arrangements required if a truck and 2 men will not be sufficient for your Ngāruawāhia furniture removals needs.

No, we employ our own trained team of movers in Ngāruawāhia, so we do not use outside hired labour for any of our jobs. We take pride in every one of our moves being consistent and matching the high quality that you and we expect from your furniture movers for your home or office relocation in Ngāruawāhia.

Yes, we are well equipped to provide a full house pack up so that you don’t have to worry about anything. We have all the packing supplies and packing boxes in Ngāruawāhia required on hand, including those for special care antique pieces, for a comprehensive packing and relocation service.

Besides our impeccable customer service and years of experience, we employ one of the biggest moving trucks in Ngāruawāhia and put importance on retaining our customers. Keeping customers means that our service relies on being incredibly efficient for an affordable price, as well as being genuinely nice people you like to be around. We offer a fully comprehensive moving company service in Ngāruawāhia, and the wider North Island of New Zealand area, with competitively priced moves for both residential and commercial properties. Instead of only offering the move, we offer the packing, wrapping and sourcing of those packing materials for your convenience.
Our locally made packing boxes and packing supplies in Ngāruawāhia can be dropped off to certain areas free of charge ahead of the big move (and we can even pack your whole house up for you, too.) Our sheer experience with handling antiques, various business equipment and homes of all sizes makes our moves fast and organised – and we don’t hire outside help. Our moving team is the same every time.

Yes, we provide Ngāruawāhia furniture removals, packing and relocation services to both commercial and residential properties in the Ngāruawāhia area and beyond. We can supply packing boxes and packing supplies to Ngāruawāhia business relocation jobs, exactly like we can with our Ngāruawāhia moving house services. 

We service the wider North Island area of New Zealand if our customer is relocating into, out of, or through the Waikato region. Ngāruawāhia, Waikato is one of Whitehall Mover’s surrounding towns and therefore is considered local. The only service that may be restricted to the rest of the North Island is the delivery of free packing supplies or packing boxes. Talk to us about your requirements to learn more.


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